Automated Payment Processing

PCI Compliant processing, with automatic notification of payment failures. Payments direct to your bank account.

Support for Channel Managers

Works with Hotel systems to deliver automated PCI Compliant payments direct into the Hoteliers bank account.

Complete End-To-End Service

We provide the full end-to-end service as a simple all-in-one solution. No need to deal with a complex chain of suppliers.

Receipts Generated and Sent

Payments Receipts are automatically generated and sent to the customer upon a successful payment.

Automated Collections Procedure

No need to manually chase up failed payments. The module automatically handles payment failure notifications.

Fraud Control

Anti card fraud tools available to help you screen possible fraudulent transactions and support for fighting charge backs.

Secure and Safe

Sensitive data is safely and securely stored, and backed up, in compliance to PCI DSS standards.


Improve client retention and loyalty through our integrated e-marketing system.

Cost Effective Solutions

Low cost entry point includes small set-up cost and fixed rate transaction fees.


Web based surveys with automated reports and graphical analysis.

Sage Integration

A fully automated real-time integration link with the Sage accounting system providing live data and updates into Sage.

A host of extra modules available. Click to view and find out more.

Automated Payments
Detailed Reporting
Combat Fraud
Targeted Marketing

What Makes the AVQuest System Different

The AVQuest system, known as TEAMS, is a versatile product that can encapsulate your business's payment procedures into a single, streamlined electronic process that requires minimal user intervention. Being fully automated, it reduces human error and lengthy PDQ payment processing. The system automatically emails payment receipts once funds are guaranteed to be banked into the hoteliers bank account.

The system allows you to operate from anywhere where internet access is available, and includes security measures to protect your data.

A complete end-to-end solution for your payment processing needs

Find out more on how we can increase your company's productivity by streamlining your payments process.