GDPR and Your Right To Be Forgotten

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been enforced since May 2018, and aims to protect data privacy and empower citizens to take control of how their personal data is used. As such, organisations have a responsibility to request clear and intelligible consent before storing or using personal data, to give citizens the right to know what, where and why their data has been stored, and to give citizens the right to withdraw their consent and to have their data removed. You can find out more about your rights on the official GDPR website.

We take the privacy of your personal information very seriously and are committed to protecting your personal data. is fully GDPR compliant and we have taken steps to ensure that we are open and clear with our customers and visitors to our website.

From early 2017 onwards we have conducted reviews of our marketing data to ensure that everyone who receives marketing messages from us has intentionally opted in to receive these. It is quick and easy to withdraw consent to receive these messages, if a subscriber changes their mind.

We have also reviewed all pages on our website that collect data or consent from citizens, to ensure that we communicate clearly how data will be used.

Our customer services team have been trained on our ‘Right to be Forgotten’ as well as other privacy policies to ensure that citizens can request for their information to be removed, or amended, from our records and have confidence that data will be erased fully or amended as requested.